Project Manager as a Scapegoat - The Ultimate guide to project failure


If you are going to fail you might as well do it in style. Rather than having a project limp to an embarrassing end before someone finally puts it out of its agony why not blow it up in spectacular style instead?

Sounds like a good idea....  It might sound ridiculous but how else can you explain why project managers do things like this?

10 Reasons Why IT Projects Fail


I recently read that in 2013 half of all companies had an IT project end in failure. This is a startling figure so why do so many IT projects fail? Clearly each piece of work is unique but the same problems keep cropping up over and over again.

The Project Disaster I Couldn’t Stop Sliding Into Oblivion


Not every project can be a roaring success, can it? At least that’s what I told myself as I sat in the meeting room with a dozen stakeholders staring angrily at me. Could the ground open up and swallow me now please?

10 Ways to Fail as a PMP Certified Project Manager


Gaining PMP certified project manager status is a great way of moving your career forward. It’s not going to guarantee success in every single future project, is it? There are over half a million PMP certified project managers across the world and I guess that not all of them are successful all the time. So how do you fail as a certified Project Management Professional?

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